Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit




This product is intended for telecommunication operators or enterprises that have their own implemented OFCS. Covers management of occupational safety from non-ionising optical radiation that comes from telecommunication lasers.


This product contains online-accessible template documents that will help your management to handle and successfully standardise and implement Telco Laser Safety strategy in your organisation.


Also, you will be able to access other related laser safety learning materials and free to attend the Laser Safety Officer certificate test.


But, because of the specific subject, which LSO work position requires we think that you must have direct interaction with a trainer. Once you subscribe to this training, we will contact you on your e-mail to schedule online training for your LSO candidate or to arrange an online meeting to answer all your questions about the subject. Usually, this training means attending online classes for a few days for your LSO candidate.


Content of this training is occupational safety from non-ionising optical radiation that comes from telecommunication lasers. Information that you will receive is how to access places where laser equipment is located, understand the classification of your laser equipment and hazard levels at local points in your OFCS, how to maintain or service laser equipment, how to read signs, directions and instructions, types of possible injuries and how to use and maintain protective measures and PPE etc. Also, as a person responsible for laser safety in your organisation you have to be able to manage laser safety process, starting from operational procedures, through evaluation and calculation of Hazard Levels on specific locations in your OFCS, depending on laser equipment used, technology implemented etc.


This product is created on the base of the following standards, recommendations and technical reports: IEC 60825-1, IEC 60825-2, IEC 60825-12, IEC TR 60825-14, IEC TR 60825-17, IEC TR 61508-0, IEC 61508-1, ITU-T G.664, IEC 60812, IEC 61882, T-REC G.Sup39, IEC TR 61292-6, BS EN 207 etc.


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