E-commerce with WordPress


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This course will guide you to the process of informing you what is necessary to do to build an E-commerce solution and how to achieve it through a real example scenario using WordPress and Woocomerce plugin and related plugins. It can teach you how to prepare your environment for building a webpage and later how to practically create an E-commerce solution with WordPress. Starting from choosing your hosting provider, it will give you practical guides on what to ask, what is necessary to keep in mind before implementing something.


This course gives directions on how to handle the WordPress Dashboard, how to understand it and how to use options from the menu. There are explanations related to the design of the theme, changing the Menu, installing plugins, creating products pages and posts etc. When you talk about E-commerce there is a guide on which plugins are useful, starting from the Woocommerce plugin and other related plugins to it. Also, it is given an example of how to publish, protect and access your digital content after payment of the product on the basis of using the relevant plugin. A real example shows the implementation of a Payment Gateway for use of cryptocurrency payment inside your E-commerce shop solution.

E-commerce with WordPress | CentriumTech LTD Academy