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About Academy

Centrium Tech LTD Academy is created in 2013 and upgraded into this shape in 2021. During this time we are continuously improving our presence and offer. Created with the goal to elevate the level of knowledge for network engineers and IT staff, we are continuously following technology changes and bring technology close to the students and technical implementors.


Our presented online training and services target real achievable examples that can be used as a starting point or as a solution in the real practical scenario. Our consultant are highly competent and tirelessly work on the creation of training materials that suit modern technologies use.

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Academy Products

Our products cover the design, administration, troubleshooting, automation and programmability of modern telecommunication networks using state of the art technologies. Also, we create products that will help the organization to create a strategy for workplace safety from optical or RF radiation or from daily operations in the telecommunication networks.


To cover specific requirements of the enterprises or telco operators we can offer you a scalable approach to learning programming languages either for the creation of scripts, CLI or web applications. Linux terminal commands and Bash scripting are also what we can offer you to understand or to use in a practical environment.

Dedicated to your goals

Why Choose Us


Our branded products are getting improved over the years and we create brand new competitive ones.


Our consultants can support you to understand or to implement real working IT or Telecommunications scenario.


Our own built courses will teach you how to use technology and how to easily understand through real examples.


If We Talk In Numbers


- 8+ years online

- 10k+ written pages training

- 200+ videos

- 500+ created labs


Use our expertise


Experience is the essence. Sometimes small things are omitted but after, you find they were important if you miss them. 


Changes in technology come in different ways. It depends on you how you will react to it  "Do I stick to what I know or to say ok this can be useful".


Passion can help you achieve knowledge, but if you know it doesn't mean you can implement a practical solution.


Build your own success with us.