Removing duplicate rows SQLite table entries with Python

When we want to store multiple data in a format of the table (rows and columns) we can use SQLite database. In this manner database is a kind of tool that will allow us to keep some data records in specific data formats.

During the practice of the use of Python code, we can find many examples where databases can be used, starting from basic Python scripts to modern web apps.

In this example, we have given examples of how to create an SQLite database, store records inside it, how to update those records, how to delete those records, but also how to delete the whole table inside the database.

Because there are specific scenarios when some Python script can be automated (executed multiple times in a timely manner) we have presented how to remove duplicate entries from the database table.

In the document below you are able to check the code and explanations:

Removing duplicate rows SQLite table entries with Python



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