Telco Laser Safety products

We can offer you the following Telco Laser Safety products from our E-commerce shop: 


1. Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit

Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit contains documents that are created on the base of more than 10 IEC and EN accepted standards and technical reports related to laser safety. Telco Laser Safety Documentation Toolkit are documents that increase the ability of the organization to provide measures against laser injuries to happen in the workplace. Thеse documents enable the organization to improve its preparedness and to methodically manage the process of Telco Laser Safety. Accepting the documentation requirements will ensure that the organization will start the process of implementing the Telco Laser Safety strategy by setting plans for activities and defining goals achieved by satisfying the required safety measures.


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2. Telco Laser Safety training




Telco Laser Safety training provides information on the process of laser safety in the organization. Explains how Telco Laser Safety is implemented in the organization and attendees are getting a more clear view of what to expect when working near laser equipment. That means to be informed about what are the effects of laser injury, how to avoid injury or how to decrease risk from injury. The attendees will be able to see safety measures and how the organization process of laser safety is planned, guided and achieved. Through attending this training you will get information, how to work, maintain or service laser equipment or working in the OFCS locations where there is a significant laser Hazard Level. This brings working responsibilities and requires skills and knowledge for interpreting labelling, marking and also how to be familiar with the fiber optic technologies and safety measures against laser hazards.



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3. Laser Safety Officer certificate


A Laser Safety Officer certificate can be earned after passing an online certification test. This test contains questions from the Telco Laser Safety field. If you satisfy the requirements from the certification test you will become a certified and confirmed Expert in the field of Telco Laser Safety.  For more information about Laser Safety Officer certification, read on our blog or contact us.

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