Quantum Programming online training

Quantum Programming online training main purpose is to get knowledge for the basics of qubits, quantum registers, classical registers, quantum states, quantum circuits – their matric representation and quantum circuit elementary building parts. Also, this online training program provides instructions for the installation and use of quantum software for developing quantum programs.

You will be able to feel a hand on experience on writing quantum programs, their execution on the simulation software or real quantum computers. Online training is led by the personal instructor, that will guide you to all of this process of understanding the working environment and building your experience upon quantum programing. During the training, you may interact with the instructor and ask questions, because we want to create natural two-way communication for easier achieving quick results in the learning process. Before attending the online training sessions you will be provided with training materials, that posses all necessary explanations and quantum programming labs that will be used during this training. What we want to achieve with this training is that you will get skills to independently create quantum programs and later to use those skills during possible tech research and/or analysis or for building quantum programs that might be part of your personal projects or company’s working projects.


For scheduling (reservations are done on a basis: first-come, first-served) and additional information feel free to contact us at support@centriumtech.com


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