Free online certification for Optical Networks Planning and Design

This certificate is suitable for students or professionals in the field of Optical Networks Design. If you satisfy the requirements for certification you will become a certified and confirmed Expert in Optical Networks Design.


As confirmation of your carrier success, you will be granted a Certificate of Expertise in Optical Networks Design, as shown for example in the picture below.


To be able to earn this certificate you have to prove your skills in Optical Networks Design and to get at least 82% right answers.


Anyone that registers, complete the Optical Networks Design – Online Certification Test, and get the required score, will be contacted on your e-mail no more than 2 weeks to receive your earned Certificate of Expertise in Optical Networks Design.




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Optical Networks Design - Online Certification Test


This free online certification test allows you to earn or to confirm your knowledge of Optical Networks Design. It covers materials related to optical system and components, optical networks and components, optical system and networks components theory and optical network design, planning, and safety questions.  


This certificate grants highly skills, knowledge, and expertise in Optical Networks Design to successful candidates for this test. A certificate is valid for 5 years, from the day of granting this certificate to successful candidates.  


We wish you the best on this test and for all successful candidates, we acknowledge their expertise and we recognize them as experts in the field of Optical Networks Design.  


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